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Course Curriculum

Orientation. How to get ready for this course
Welcome to Complete Web Development Course 00:03:00
Overview of the course with Milestones and Projects 00:05:00
How to use Programming Hero Course Website 00:05:00
How to ask for help in the support group 00:08:00
Install Visual Studio Code where you will write code 00:05:00
Install git scm, the version control system you will use 00:05:00
Install Node that will be used in the future 00:04:00
How to take care of the video buffering 00:06:00
Module Summary and next steps 00:03:00
Learn and Explore HTML as a Beginner
Getting started with your first ever website 00:09:00
HTML language, markup, tags structure, paragraph tag 00:09:00
Bold, strong, how HTML tag works 00:07:00
Heading tag, different types of headings 00:06:00
HTML tag attribute, anchor, href, navigate 00:10:00
Display image (online image, local image, folder image) 00:12:00
List, Container tag, ordered list, unordered list 00:08:00
Button, input, div, span, w3schools, every html tags 00:08:00
HTML structure, head, body, title, meta tag 00:06:00
HTML Module Summary, 4 types of HTML tags 00:07:00
Learn and Explore CSS as a Beginner
Introduction to CSS Module, getting started with CSS 00:05:00
Style tag, embedded style, named color, hexcode, rgb 00:12:00
Background-color, height, width, font, css measuring units 00:12:00
CSS ID, apply styles to a specific HTML element 00:08:00
CSS class, apply styles to multiple elements, ID vs Class 00:10:00
Style a group of elements, style a small portion of text 00:08:00
Border, border radius, margin, different ways to set margin 00:10:00
Padding, different ways to set padding, CSS Box model 00:08:00
Text align, float, display, inline, block, inline-block, external CSS 00:11:00
CSS Module Summary 00:06:00
Git, source control, GitHub and hosting
What is GitHub? 00:03:00
Lesson quiz 3.1 00:05:00
Install git, create GitHub repository 00:08:00
Lesson quiz 3.2 00:05:00
Git init, git add, git commit, set origin 00:09:00
Lesson quiz 3.3 00:05:00
Git push, git pull 00:10:00
Lesson quiz 3.4 00:05:00
How to use Github Desktop software to use Github 00:13:00
[advanced: feel free to skip] Git branch and this will confuse you 00:11:00
Lesson quiz 3.5 00:05:00
Common git related issues faced by new github users 00:18:00
[advanced: feel free to skip] GitHub hosting complicated things 00:00:00
Lesson quiz 3.6 00:05:00
Github hosting related common issues 00:08:00
GitHub overall summary 00:03:00
Git Final Quiz 00:10:00
[Bonus] CSS Extra hover, position, specificity, homework
pseudoclass part hover all elements, hover special 00:06:00
pseudoclass focus first child, last child, nth child, visited 00:09:00
pseudo element before after 00:10:00
css position static relative absolute fixed 00:10:00
CSS specificity style order style priority 00:08:00
css homework and learn by yourself 00:04:00
Build a beautiful and professional portfolio website
Module Introduction, overview of the site you will build 00:03:00
Setup and resources needed to start your first ever project 00:10:00
Create HTML, link CSS, set title, span tag style 00:09:00
Simple image background remove, set fancy background 00:11:00
Float, Create container, Put two div side by side, Image size 00:08:00
Background Image, Background-repeat, neutralize default style 00:06:00
Link Button, target blank, text-decoration, linear gradient 00:08:00
Dream image, half-width, background remove 00:09:00
Dream area, dream text and download resume link button 00:07:00
Experience Area, text highlight, meaningful class name 00:08:00
Box shadow, border image, gradient angle, footer 00:12:00
Website hosting, live portfolio link, portfolio summary 00:08:00
Personal website, build a brand new website
Personal website, build a complete website by yourself 00:07:00
Personal Website Assignment 300, 00:00
HTML 5 Semantic tags, audio, video, table, form
audio, video, youtube video, Audio video (iframe) 00:10:00
HTML5 Semantic tags section article aside mark 00:15:00
html table tbody thead td th caption and table style 00:13:00
html form input label fieldset legend textarea submit 00:15:00
others (favicon comments attributes option closing tag ) 00:14:00
Module Summary HTML5 00:05:00
CSS3 overflow, transition, transform, flexbox, grid layout
CSS3 Module Introduction 00:03:00
CSS Overflow hidden overflow scroll 00:08:00
Optimize images, types of images, svg, png, jpg 00:13:00
css transform and use multiple transform at the same time 00:09:00
transition of css property over time 00:10:00
Create simple cricket match with transition and transform 00:15:00
css animation and bounce effect with balls 00:14:00
flexbox, flex direction justify content align items 00:11:00
CSS Grid layout template columns grid gap 00:11:00
create calendar using css grid and flex box 00:09:00
css media query based on device and using flexbox 00:15:00
CSS3 and intermediate css module summary 00:05:00
Learn and Explore Bootstrap
Module Introduction, Purpose of Bootstrap 00:02:00
Lession quiz 8.1 00:05:00
Getting started with Bootstrap 00:10:00
Lession quiz 8.2 00:05:00
Buttons, text color, background corlor, color pallate 00:11:00
Lession quiz 8.3 00:05:00
Image, Responsive image, width style, image thumbnail 00:09:00
Lession quiz 8.4 00:05:00
Website card, card design, card image, card deck 00:09:00
Lession quiz 8.5 00:05:00
Nav tag, Navigation, nav bar, use ul-li for navigation 00:10:00
Lession quiz 8.6 00:05:00
Website Layout, Responsive website 00:07:00
Lession quiz 8.7 00:05:00
Grid layout, row, column, 12 column layout 00:11:00
Lession quiz 7.8 00:05:00
Responsive Grid, responsive break point 00:09:00
Lession quiz 8.9 00:05:00
Top banner animation, Image slide, Carousel 00:07:00
Lession quiz 8.10 00:05:00
Flex Layout, Element align, vertical and horizontal center 00:12:00
Lession quiz 8.11 00:05:00
Bootstrap Overview, Module Summary 00:06:00
Bootstrap final quiz 00:10:00
Develop an e-commerce website using Bootstrap
Website overview and different section that you will build 00:02:00
Lession quiz 9.1 00:05:00
Project setup, github repository, project resources 00:09:00
Lession quiz 9.2 00:05:00
Container, navbar, navbar item, links 00:08:00
Lession quiz 9.3 00:05:00
Simple top banner carousel, set image for carousel 00:05:00
Lession quiz 9.4 00:05:00
Advanced carousel with row and column divide 00:08:00
Lession quiz 9.5 00:05:00
Vertical center in carousel item, button style 00:12:00
Lession quiz 9.6 00:05:00
Categories, column gap, category in each row 00:19:00
Lession quiz 9.7 00:05:00
Shoe Category, card-deck, card box shadow 00:11:00
Lession quiz 9.8 00:05:00
Backpack Category, card footer, align button 00:09:00
Lession quiz 9.9 00:05:00
Subscribe Section, Horizontal and vertical center 00:11:00
Lession quiz 9.10 00:05:00
Footer, small tag, text center align 00:04:00
Lession quiz 9.11 00:05:00
Project summary, Code Recap 00:09:00
E-commerce website final quiz 00:10:00
Hot Gadgets, e-commerce website by yourself
Hot Gadgets, e-commerce website by yourself 00:08:00
Landing Page Milestone Assignment
Electronic school Responsive bootstrap landing page assignment 00:12:00
Landing page assignment 300, 00:00
CSS Bonus Content
css position more explanation relative absolute 00:14:00
Apply relative position in a photo album 00:13:00
Apply transition transform in a practical situation 00:10:00
CSS Grid Layout Extra explanation and compare with flexbox 00:10:00
More discussion about display inline block inline-block 00:16:00
git feature branch and bug fix branch 00:13:00
inline css when and how to use inline css 00:14:00
How to start working on a responsive website 00:08:00
Setup navigation bar with bootstrap for a responsive website 00:16:00
Setting profiles rows padding and images 00:15:00
Responsive and gap to set three two or one items 00:10:00
Module summary 00:07:00
Revision Day 2
Revision Day 2 activities 00:09:00
Install Node and run node in Visual Studio Code 00:08:00
Getting started with Javascript
Module overview, need for Javascript 00:04:00
Lession quiz 12.1 00:05:00
Run Javascript in browser, run Javascript in VS Code 00:15:00
Lession quiz 12.2 00:05:00
What is variable, declare a variable, see output 00:06:00
Lession quiz 12.3 00:05:00
Variable type, Numeric, String, Boolean 00:10:00
Lession quiz 12.4 00:05:00
variable name naming convention and best practice 00:10:00
explore string case change index split 00:12:00
integer float parseInt parseFloat type conversion 00:12:00
Mathematical operations in JavaScript 00:13:00
Math absolute round floor ceil random 00:09:00
Make conditional decision, if-else, comparison 00:11:00
Lession quiz 12.10 00:05:00
Multiple conditions, fulfill both conditions, else if 00:10:00
Lession quiz 12.11 00:05:00
JavaScript Date timezone and Module Summary 00:07:00
JavaScript final quiz 00:10:00
JavaScript Fundamental Concepts
Fundamental JavaScript Module Introduction 00:05:00
Array, index, set by index, indexOf 00:11:00
Array advanced, push, pop, array length 00:06:00
array add and remove element from the beginning and slice 00:10:00
While loop, debug JavaScript code, less or equal 00:10:00
For loop, run a loop for each element of an array 00:12:00
javascript switch case break and default 00:10:00
Function, call function 00:06:00
Function parameter, multiple parameter, function return 00:10:00
Comment, multiple lines comment 00:04:00
Object, key value pair, get object property, set value 00:12:00
Basic JavaScript Overview, Module Summary 00:04:00
Apply Javascript Concepts
Module Introduction Apply JS 00:04:00
Unit Convert Inch to Feet use variable and function 00:14:00
variable let and const and how to use them 00:12:00
check whether a year is a Leap Year or not 00:13:00
Calculate Factorial of a number using for loop 00:14:00
Calculate Factorial of a number using a while loop 00:10:00
Calculate Factorial in a Recursive function 00:12:00
Create a Fibonacci Series using a for loop 00:12:00
Fibonacci Element in a Recursive Way 00:07:00
create Fibonacci series in a recursive way 00:10:00
Check whether a number is a Prime Number or not 00:14:00
Apply Basic JavaScript Module Summary 00:05:00
Javascript coding problems, Simple Interview Question
Module Introduction, problem setup 00:03:00
Swap variable, swap without temp, destructing 00:11:00
Lession quiz 15.2 00:05:00
Random number, random number between 1 to 6 00:11:00
Lession quiz 15.3 00:05:00
Find max of two values, find max of three values 00:09:00
Lession quiz 15.4 00:05:00
Find the largest element of an array 00:08:00
Lession quiz 15.5 00:05:00
Sum of all numbers in an array 00:09:00
Lession quiz 15.6 00:05:00
Remove duplicate item from an array 00:09:00
Lession quiz 15.7 00:05:00
Count the number of words in a string 00:10:00
Lession quiz 15.8 00:05:00
Reverse a string 00:07:00
Lession quiz 15.9 00:05:00
Module summary 00:05:00
Problem solving final quiz 00:10:00
Problem Solving assignment
Problem Solving assignment 00:15:00
Problem Solving assignment 300, 00:00
Serious Web Developer Productivity, Efficiency, Tips & Tricks
typing practice, typing lesson, typing test 00:03:00
Lession quiz 11.1 00:05:00
developer question answer, Stack Overflow, weekly newsletter 00:08:00
Lession quiz 11.2 00:05:00
Emmet, magic to write large amount HTML and CSS 00:09:00
Lession quiz 11.3 00:05:00
Live server, automatic reload of the website after save 00:06:00
Lession quiz 11.4 00:05:00
VSCode extension, JavaScript code snippet, ES linter 00:05:00
Lession quiz 11.5 00:05:00
Visual Studio Code shortcut key, settings change 00:07:00
Lession quiz 11.6 00:05:00
VS code multi cursor and multi line edit magic 00:10:00
Lession quiz 11.7 00:05:00
Module Summary, keep updated about skills 00:03:00
Productivity final quiz 00:10:00
Pioneer Bank, develop a simple bank website
Project overview, Transaction and balance update 00:02:00
Project Setup, github integration, bootstrap text align 00:09:00
Lession quiz 12.2 00:05:00
Login window, input field, password text field, form control 00:09:00
Lession quiz 12.3 00:05:00
Get HTML elements by tag, class or Id, Add Event Listener 00:13:00
Lession quiz 12.4 00:05:00
CSS styles in Javascript, Dynamically hide an element 00:08:00
Lession quiz 12.5 00:05:00
Dynamically display a hidden element using Javascript 00:06:00
Lession quiz 12.6 00:05:00
Deposit, Withdraw, Balance area, add column margin 00:10:00
Lession quiz 12.7 00:05:00
Submit transaction, placeholder help text for input 00:07:00
Lession quiz 12.8 00:05:00
Deposit button event handler, capture deposit amount 00:07:00
Lession quiz 12.9 00:05:00
Get innerText using Javascript, update text dynamically 00:08:00
Lession quiz 12.10 00:05:00
Update two fields at the same time, create function 00:11:00
Lession quiz 12.11 00:05:00
Money withdraw event handler, cleaner code with function 00:11:00
Lession quiz 12.12 00:05:00
Update withdraw amount, Reduce balance for withdraw 00:05:00
Lession quiz 12.13 00:05:00
Module summary and overall project overview 00:08:00
Pioneer bank final quiz 00:10:00
Function and Event bubble Extra Explanation
When to use a function 00:19:00
When to return from a function and from where 00:13:00
Callback function and pass different function 00:12:00
arguments and deal with unknown number of arguments 00:09:00
How to organize code inside a function 00:09:00
Event bubble with example 00:13:00
Stop propagating event bubble 00:04:00
Event delegate and purpose of Event bubble 00:21:00
DOM, purpose of DOM and BOM 00:09:00
Shopping Cart, Develop an interactive shopping Cart
Shopping Cart, Develop an interactive shopping Cart 00:08:00
[optional] How to start a simple Javascript project 00:14:00
Shopping cart assignment 300, 00:00
Revision day
Revision Day and check Create react app command 00:15:00
Modern JavaScript, ES6, S2015, ECMASCRIPT 2015
Module overview, ES6, github integration setup 00:06:00
Lession quiz 14.1 00:05:00
Let, const, array declared with const, object declared with const 00:11:00
Lession quiz 14.2 00:05:00
Function default parameter for not provided values 00:05:00
Lession quiz 14.3 00:05:00
Template String, multiple line string 00:08:00
Lession quiz 14.4 00:05:00
Arrow function, multiple parameter, function body 00:10:00
Lession quiz 14.5 00:05:00
Spread operator, concatenate multiple arrays, array max 00:10:00
Lession quiz 14.6 00:05:00
Class, constructor, create object from class 00:10:00
Lession quiz 14.7 00:05:00
Inheritance, extends class, super, class method 00:09:00
Lession quiz 14.8 00:05:00
ES6 Module summary 00:05:00
ES6 final quiz 00:10:00
Advanced JavaScript, Javascript Interview Questions
Module Overview, git integration setup 00:04:00
Lession quiz 15.1 00:05:00
Truthy and Falsy values 00:11:00
Lession quiz 15.2 00:05:00
Null Vs Undefined, different ways you will get undefined 00:10:00
Lession quiz 15.3 00:05:00
== vs ===, implicit conversion 00:08:00
Lession quiz 15.4 00:05:00
map, filter, find, smart way to run for loop 00:15:00
Lession quiz 15.5 00:00:00
Apply map, filter, find on an array of objects 00:07:00
Lession quiz 15.6 00:05:00
Arguments, array like objects, log all array elements 00:07:00
Lession quiz 15.7 00:05:00
Scope, block scope, access outer scope variable 00:13:00
Lession quiz 15.8 00:05:00
Closure, encapsulation, private variable 00:09:00
Lession quiz 15.9 00:05:00
Array slice, splice, array join elements 00:09:00
Lession quiz 15.10 00:05:00
Module Summary and overview 00:08:00
Advanced JavaScript Final quiz 00:10:00
API JSON, Server, Data load, dynamic website, http
Module overview, what you will learn from this module 00:02:00
Lession quiz 16.1 00:05:00
How internet works, DNS server, hosting server, database 00:07:00
Lession quiz 16.2 00:05:00
What is an API, the purpose of API, GET, POST 00:06:00
Lession quiz 16.3 00:05:00
JSON, JSON Structure, parse, stringify, JSON properties 00:10:00
Lession quiz 16.4 00:05:00
Load Data, JSON placeholder, GET data, display data on UI 00:13:00
Lession quiz 16.5 00:05:00
HTTP request, Status code, network tab, bad API 00:11:00
Lession quiz 16.6 00:05:00
Send data to the server, HTTP POST Method, GET Vs POST 00:04:00
Lession quiz 16.7 00:05:00
Send data to server, HTTP Post, JSON Stringify 00:11:00
Lession quiz 16.8 00:05:00
JQuery ajax, JQuery get, JQuery post 00:04:00
Lession quiz 16.9 00:05:00
Module Summary, API, Server Overview 00:03:00
API final quiz 00:10:00
How Browser Works, browser api and methods
Module Overview, ContentEditable, live edit 00:03:00
Lession quiz 17.1 00:05:00
How Browser works, DOM tree, Render Tree 00:08:00
Lession quiz 17.2 00:05:00
Website alert, confirmation, prompt to collect data 00:07:00
Lession quiz 17.3 00:05:00
URL, URL parts, query string, hash, subdomain 00:07:00
Lession quiz 17.4 00:05:00
document location, access href, hash, assign 00:05:00
Lession quiz 17.5 00:05:00
history api, back, forward, go, history length 00:05:00
Lession quiz 17.6 00:05:00
cookies, dev tool application tab, cookies at server 00:07:00
Lession quiz 17.7 00:05:00
local storage, session storage, edit storage information 00:09:00
Lession quiz 17.8 00:05:00
Browser clear cache, chrome extension, web store, restart 00:07:00
Lession quiz 17.9 00:05:00
Browser Overview, Module Summary 00:03:00
Browser final quiz 00:10:00
Modern web developer workflow, command line tools
Module workflow, command line tools 00:02:00
JavaScript debug, web debug, dev tool mastering
Module overview, salary app overview, git clone issues 00:05:00
Lession quiz 19.1 00:05:00
dev tool element tab, edit HTML, get style, device tab 00:13:00
Lession quiz 19.2 00:05:00
edit CSS style live, hover class, CSS box model, event handler 00:14:00
Lession quiz 19.3 00:05:00
sources tab, break point, call stack, console table 00:14:00
Lession quiz 19.4 00:05:00
console tab, preserve log, error log, console api 00:08:00
Lession quiz 19.5 00:05:00
network tab, request method, header, response type 00:05:00
Lession quiz 19.6 00:05:00
Performance tab, memory tab, Audit, application tab 00:05:00
Lession quiz 19.7 00:05:00
Module Summary, Deb tool debug Overview 00:04:00
Debug & Dev final quiz 00:10:00
bind, call, appy, window, this, async-await, date
multiple ways to set DOM event handler 00:10:00
object method property review 00:09:00
object use bind to borrow method from another object 00:12:00
difference between bind, call and apply 00:12:00
window, global variable, global scope 00:17:00
new keyword, class and object difference 00:09:00
how to understand the this keyword 00:14:00
async await how to use it for async call 00:16:00
JavaScript Datetime timezone and others 00:07:00
dev tool and bug fixing practice
Debugging dev tool and bug fixing practice 00:13:00
[optional] how to start fixing bug on a website 00:11:00
Revision day
Revision day after finishing milestone 4 00:05:00
Modern Front-end application core concepts
Module overview and modern application core parts 00:02:00
Lession quiz 21.1 00:05:00
Web component, 4 types of component, identify component 00:07:00
Lession quiz 21.2 00:05:00
Template, dynamically create HTML elements based on data 00:16:00
Lession quiz 21.3 00:05:00
Single Page Application (SPA), Performance benefit 00:07:00
Lession quiz 21.4 00:05:00
Routing, Route parameter, Routing in Angular 00:06:00
Lession quiz 21.5 00:05:00
Website state, state management, purpose of state 00:06:00
Lession quiz 21.6 00:05:00
Charting framework, d3js, nvd3, chartjs 00:08:00
Lession quiz 21.7 00:05:00
Simple Angular Application, angular cli, routing 00:15:00
Lession quiz 21.8 00:05:00
Module Summary 00:04:00
Modern front-end final quiz 00:10:00
React Fundamental, JSX, Component, props, state, lifecycle
React Core concept module overview 00:05:00
Lession Quiz 22.1 00:05:00
Install React App use create react app 00:10:00
Lession Quiz 22.2 00:05:00
Create react app folder structure and favicon 00:12:00
Lession Quiz 22.3 00:05:00
JSX, Dynamic content, Dynamic Style in React 00:15:00
Lession Quiz 22.4 00:05:00
Component, 4 ways to identify a component 00:05:00
Lession Quiz 22.5 00:05:00
Create Component, return multiple HTML from a component 00:10:00
Lession Quiz 22.6 00:05:00
Pass dynamic data to components, props in react 00:16:00
Lession Quiz 22.7 00:05:00
Pass object to components and access object 00:15:00
Lession Quiz 22.8 00:05:00
Create multiple components from an array of objects 00:13:00
Lession Quiz 22.9 00:05:00
Introduction to Component state 00:08:00
Lession Quiz 22.10 00:05:00
Component state hook and set state method 00:10:00
Lession Quiz 22.11 00:05:00
Set and update state and set event handler in React 00:12:00
Lession quiz 22.12 00:05:00
Module Summary React Core Concepts 00:04:00
React core final quiz 00:10:00
Simple React SPA with Multiple Components
React Core concept module overview 00:05:00
Lession quiz 23.1 00:05:00
Install react set favicon and get resources 00:10:00
Lession quiz 23.2 00:05:00
Editor setup, default project setup clean 00:08:00
Lession quiz 23.3 00:05:00
Create a component, folder structure, website logo 00:12:00
Lession quiz 23.4 00:05:00
Setting up logo position, navigation, nav menu 00:07:00
Lession quiz 23.5 00:05:00
Create Shop Component, load data and set state 00:12:00
Lession quiz 23.6 00:05:00
Component layout, use flexbox, setup area container 00:06:00
Lession quiz 23.7 00:05:00
Product Component, send dynamic data by props 00:11:00
Lession quiz 23.8 00:05:00
Display more information in the Product Component 00:12:00
Lession quiz 23.9 00:05:00
Install third party library, font awesome, react-fontawesome 00:11:00
Lession quiz 23.10 00:05:00
Pass eventhandler to child component and handle event 00:12:00
Lession quiz 23.11 00:05:00
Cart state setup and update cart state on add to cart button click 00:06:00
Lession quiz 23.12 00:05:00
Total Product price, shipping cost, Tax and total price 00:19:00
Lession quiz 23.13 00:05:00
Simple React SPA module summary 00:03:00
React fundamentals final quiz 00:10:00
Simple React Homework
Build your react app and host your react in Netlify 00:18:00
React SPA assignment to create a users pages 00:08:00
[optional] how to create fake data in Javascript 00:06:00
React SPA Assignment 300, 00:00
Revision day
Beginner React Milestone revision day 00:08:00
React Routing, Devtool, State share, Refactoring, conditional format
Module overview Routing Devtool and share state 00:09:00
Lession quiz 25.1 00:05:00
React Router, Install React Router Dom 00:08:00
Lession quiz 25.2 00:05:00
Setup Router, Router path, exact path not found path 00:12:00
Lession quiz 25.3 00:05:00
Dynamic path, set route path parameter 00:11:00
Lession quiz 25.4 00:05:00
Load data based on route parameter, conditional formatting 00:14:00
Lession quiz 25.5 00:05:00
Different ways to handle state, Make button navigate to a route 00:09:00
Lession quiz 25.6 00:05:00
Save state on Localstore, store key and count, virtual DOM 00:12:00
Lession quiz 25.7 00:05:00
Retrieve data from local storage, set cart from saved state 00:14:00
Lession quiz 25.8 00:05:00
Review Component, Review Items, CSS in Javascript style 00:10:00
Lession quiz 25.9 00:05:00
Remove from cart, pass parameter on click, remove from state 00:08:00
Lession quiz 25.10 00:05:00
Share components among multiple routes, share data on cart 00:07:00
Lession quiz 25.11 00:05:00
React Developer Tool, Chrome extension, Refactor add to Cart 00:16:00
Lession quiz 25.12 00:05:00
Sync state in multiple route, calculate total price in review page 00:10:00
Lession quiz 25.13 00:05:00
Please Order, Clear state, show conditional image 00:14:00
Lession quiz 25.14 00:05:00
Module summary of React Router and state management 00:05:00
React router final quiz 00:10:00
Simple React authentication using Firebase authentication
Module Introduction, authentication vs Authorization 00:07:00
Lession quiz 26.1 00:05:00
Create firebase project, Google Analytics Overview 00:10:00
Lession quiz 26.2 00:05:00
sign in method setup and email verification template 00:10:00
Lession quiz 26.3 00:05:00
Create simple authentication project, firebase config 00:12:00
Lession quiz 26.4 00:05:00
Install firebase, initialize firebase app 00:09:00
Lession quiz 26.5 00:05:00
Sign in with google, open google login popup 00:09:00
Lession quiz 26.6 00:05:00
Set logged in user in state, display logged in user info 00:11:00
Lession quiz 26.7 00:05:00
Not google user login, signout user 00:11:00
Lession quiz 26.8 00:05:00
Custom Login form, onChange, onBlur event, change one value 00:15:00
Lession quiz 26.9 00:05:00
Regular Expression, user input validation 00:18:00
Lession quiz 26.10 00:05:00
Debug handle coding error, improved console log 00:09:00
Lession quiz 26.11 00:05:00
Create user with Email and Password and set User 00:13:00
Lession quiz 26.12 00:05:00
Sign in user and password, Handle login error, toggle form 00:14:00
Lession quiz 26.13 00:05:00
Simple authentication module summary 00:07:00
React authentication final quiz 00:10:00
React FAQ
3 ways to identify child component 00:08:00
use state why it looks like this 00:14:00
all you need to know about useEffect 00:14:00
ES6 import and export overview 00:08:00
use Bootstrap in your react application 00:10:00
route dynamic parameters and useParams 00:07:00
class Component and difference with hook 00:11:00
Integrate auth, custom hook, guard Shipment route
Module Introduction integrate auth and shipment 00:03:00
Lession quiz 28.1 00:05:00
Login route, firebase config, git ignore config 00:12:00
Lession quiz 28.2 00:05:00
Initialize firebase, setup login system, Nested function 00:11:00
Lession quiz 28.3 00:05:00
Format logged in user data, return object from function 00:11:00
Lession quiz 28.4 00:05:00
Sharing state in multiple levels of Component 00:09:00
Lession quiz 28.5 00:05:00
Create a simple Context API and user context provider 00:12:00
Lession quiz 28.6 00:05:00
Overview of UseEffect, UseRef, create a Custom hook 00:19:00
Lession quiz 28.7 00:05:00
Create your own Auth hook, hook with context api 00:19:00
Lession quiz 28.8 00:05:00
Show login status on the header, shipment component 00:11:00
Lession quiz 28.9 00:05:00
Private Route, route only for logged in user, destructuring 00:13:00
Lession quiz 28.10 00:05:00
Redirect user after login, multi layer promise error 00:12:00
Lession quiz 28.11 00:05:00
access signout using custom hook and signout redirect 00:10:00
Lession quiz 28.12 00:05:00
React hook form, default react hook form 00:08:00
Lession quiz 28.13 00:05:00
dynamic ship form and form validation, form validation error 00:16:00
Lession quiz 28.14 00:05:00
Module summary of auth integration and shipment form 00:08:00
Auth and shipment final quiz 00:05:00
Firebase hosting and Red Onion Assignment
Module 28 recap again 00:20:00
Publish React application in Firebase 00:20:00
Red Onion Assignment (React Router and firebase auth) 00:20:00
[optional] how to start react type application as assignment 00:14:00
Firebase hosting and Red Onion Assignment [2 days] 300, 00:00
Write two blog about React [revision day]
Publish two blog on react, firebase 00:12:00
blog on react, firebase 300, 00:00
React Dashboard Practice Problem (Rechart and Material UI)
Use reachart to draw any type of chart using React 00:11:00
Use Material UI Components to develop React App 00:15:00
React Dashboard Practice Problem Requirements and Guideline 00:12:00
Node, Express, get api, post api, postman
Module overview Introduction to Node 00:03:00
Lession quiz 31.1 00:05:00
Install express, start a server, your first api 00:16:00
Lession quiz 31.2 00:05:00
install nodemon, api return object, create multiple api 00:06:00
Lession quiz 31.3 00:05:00
dynamic api, api parameter, access params, access query 00:08:00
Lession quiz 31.4 00:05:00
use fetch to load data from server, middleware, handle cors 00:11:00
Lession quiz 31.5 00:05:00
create POST api, install postman, read post data, use body parser 00:10:00
Lession quiz 31.6 00:05:00
post data from website and read post api response 00:14:00
Lession quiz 31.7 00:05:00
Node express module summary 00:05:00
Node final quiz 00:10:00
Mongodb, cloud database integration, environment variable
mongodb and mongo atlas module overview 00:07:00
Lession quiz 32.1 00:05:00
install mongodb, create mongodb atlas account 00:10:00
Lession quiz 32.2 00:05:00
connect to cloud database, insert data to cloud 00:15:00
Lession quiz 32.3 00:05:00
post website data to cloud database through backend 00:12:00
Lession quiz 32.4 00:05:00
Shadow variable, handle data post error, display post success 00:14:00
Lession quiz 32.5 00:05:00
db connection, load database data, dynamic data entry 00:20:00
Lession quiz 32.6 00:05:00
load partial data using limit, filter data 00:05:00
Lession quiz 32.7 00:05:00
hide sensitive information, environment variable, git ignore 00:14:00
Lession quiz 32.8 00:05:00
Module summary mongodb and cloud database 00:03:00
Mongodb final quiz 00:10:00
E-commerce site Node and Mongodb integration
Module overview Node Mongodb integration 00:07:00
Lession quiz 33.1 00:05:00
Update inventory route and get data to be inserted 00:10:00
Lession quiz 33.2 00:05:00
Insert one or more from react to cloud database 00:13:00
Lession quiz 33.3 00:05:00
Load data from the database and render on React Component 00:08:00
Lession quiz 33.4 00:05:00
Show cart data from database data 00:10:00
Lession quiz 33.5 00:05:00
Load single product from database to React Component 00:12:00
Lession quiz 33.6 00:05:00
Load multiple products from database using multiple keys 00:15:00
Lession quiz 33.7 00:05:00
Persist cart data among multiple session using local storage 00:07:00
Lession quiz 33.8 00:05:00
React place order post method client side 00:09:00
Lession quiz 33.9 00:05:00
Place order database saved and store order confirmation 00:10:00
Lession quiz 33.10 00:05:00
Module summary node mongo integration with React 00:09:00
Final quiz 00:10:00
Integrate Stripe Payment gateway (SSLCommerz)
Module introduction of Payment Integration 00:02:00
Lession quiz 34.1 00:05:00
Save shipment information 00:06:00
Lession quiz 34.2 00:05:00
Payment gateway overview 00:08:00
Lession quiz 34.3 00:05:00
Stripe documentation overview and Stripe account 00:08:00
Lession quiz 34.4 00:05:00
Instal stripe js and react stripe js 00:07:00
Lession quiz 34.5 00:05:00
Create checkout form and payment slot 00:11:00
Lession quiz 34.6 00:05:00
Integrate payment and credit card processing with stripe 00:09:00
Lession quiz 34.7 00:05:00
Payment success and failure message 00:09:00
Lession quiz 34.8 00:05:00
Show payment after shipment 00:12:00
Lession quiz 34.9 00:05:00
Store order with payment information and display success 00:23:00
Lession quiz 34.10 00:05:00
Bangladeshi Payment gateway SSLCommerz 00:12:00
Lession quiz 34.11 00:05:00
Module Summary Payment Gateway setup 00:01:00
Final quiz 00:10:00
Deploy Node Mongodb to Heroku and Assignment
introduction to Heroku 00:07:00
Heroku setup and deploy to heroku server 00:11:00
connect local react project with heroku hosted database 00:09:00
deploy actual site to firebase with node mongodb connection 00:06:00
Update Heroku deployed project after initial deploy 00:13:00
assignment red onion with server and database 00:06:00
Deploy Node Mongodb to Heroku and Assignment [2 days] 300, 00:00
Doctors Portal
Develop a Doctors Portal with React and Material UI 00:16:00
Doctors Portal Assignment 300, 00:00
CSS Preprocessor, switch, context API
css Preprocessor variable 00:09:00
css preprocessor mixin and variable advance 00:05:00
use css preprocessor with react 00:12:00
css only games dinner game frog game 00:05:00
javascript switch case break and default 00:10:00
Context Api, Use Reducer, Redux concepts
Module overview about state management 00:04:00
share state with sibling component 00:06:00
share data to grandchildren 00:09:00
context api set dynamic data 00:09:00
update context API from any child Component 00:10:00
filter data based on dynamic context change 00:18:00
Redux Core concepts Store Action dispatch reducer 00:15:00
a simple introduction of useReducer hook 00:09:00
use useReducer for a simple case 00:13:00
useReducer with collection 00:12:00
useReducer with action and payload 00:18:00
Module Summary UseContext Use Reducer 00:02:00
Getting started with Redux
Module introduction about Redux 00:06:00
install redux and react redux in a react app 00:08:00
setup a simple application to use redux 00:11:00
set actions and dispatch for redux cart 00:08:00
create Cart Reducers handle actions 00:13:00
create store use react redux provider 00:10:00
connect component with redux state and actions 00:13:00
use redux state and redux actions from a child component 00:10:00
use redux to read dynamic state 00:12:00
bug fix with redux reducer and action dispatch 00:14:00
Redux summary, Saga, Redux Dev Tool Chrome extension 00:13:00
[Bonus] Requested Video and Some Overview
module overview bonus content 00:03:00
How a software team works scrum, sprint, slack 00:13:00
Airbnb JS style guide ESLint Best practices 00:12:00
Javascript Past and Present JQuery, Underscore, TypeScript 00:11:00
how event handler works in JS vs React 00:13:00
react router nested routes 00:10:00
how to find right library for pdf, email, print, QR scanner 00:14:00
update user displayname on firebase authentication 00:08:00
website security vulnerability JWT token 00:12:00
website performance improvement, lighthouse tool, profile 00:09:00
Unit test in React and Module Summary 00:06:00
Interview tips and tricks, Resume, LinkedIn, Networking
How do you know you are ready to look for job or intern 00:05:00
Five things you need to get ready for job or intern 00:12:00
How to write a proper Resume to set an interview 00:10:00
How utilize the power of facebook groups 00:08:00
Different ways to find jobs and apply 00:10:00
type of coding interview and find question pattern 00:10:00
How to prepare for an interview 00:11:00
how perform well during an interview 00:11:00
HR and soft skill related questions 00:12:00
How deal with interview rejection 00:08:00
Module summary How to get hired as a web developer 00:05:00
Two Tasks, Three Challenges, Certificate and Final Remarks
Module overview of the last module 00:01:00
Your journey from Junior web developer to senior developer 00:08:00
what you will need to do to become a full stack developer 00:10:00
Three techniques to update your english knowledge 00:05:00
Web development course Certificate 00:04:00
Task 1 Revise and increase your Javascript knowledge 00:06:00
Task 2 Redo the projects and practice problems 00:04:00
Challenge 1 power x gym project 00:10:00
challenge 2 air cnc with google map api 00:07:00
challenge 3 whatsapp message chatting app 00:07:00
Module summary with Special message and remarks 00:06:00
[Secret Small Group] Super Charged Intervieee wClub(SCIC)
overview FREE 00:01:00